“Hi, I first started learning to dance tango with Federico more than 2 1/2 years ago. Federico has an undeniable passion for tango and dedication to detail. I enjoy Federico’s classes because he focuses on musicality and he always gives me feedback to improve my dance. Federico’s classes are also fun and enjoyable. I do want to develop my tango dancing skills to the point where I can express my musicality and I feel Federico will help me do that. My advice to others is to join one of Federico’s classes.”
– Annette Carey


“Federico lives & breaths Argentine Tango. He is the real deal! His commitment & dedication to his art and students is second to none. If your looking to learn the art of Argentine Tango I highly recommend Federico, Dance Tango. See you on the Dance Floor!!!”
– Petrina Hennessy


“Since learning to Tango with Federico, I have been challenged, changed & inspired by this beautiful & intriguing dance. Federico is not only an accomplished, refined & experienced dancer, he is a wonderful teacher. Federico will help make you feel what the dance of tango creates, connection, surprise & another part of yourself that you never knew you had!

What is amazing about Federico’s style of teaching is that he will patiently correct your technique & posture, to bring the best tango out of you. Another quality that was important for me was trust & I felt comfortable as Federico put me at ease, as I was a little overwhelmed when I started learning Tango.

Tango to me, is like no other, which makes it special & unique. I have a way to go, however, I’m falling in Love with tango & I hope you do to!

Thank you for teaching me the art & soul of Tango, thus far, Federico.”
– Robyn, Absolute beginner


“You can learn the steps but to Tango without feeling and soul is not rewarding. What I like of Federico’s approach is that he encourages a love of Tango’s evocative music, beat and rhythm from the outset. Synchronising the music and the steps is a skill of only a few… and Federico excels at it.”
– Peter