Dance Tango runs Tango Classes and Milongas (social dances) in Sydney. We aim to build the Sydney tango scene through well taught tango classes and providing a friendly relaxed atmosphere for dancers to socialise.

Federico Mattiuzzi is the principal teacher and Director of Dance Tango, which was founded in 2001. He is a tango dancer, teacher, choreographer, stage tango performer and Dee Jay.



Federico is a gifted and generous teacher. Having studied with some of the best tango masters in Buenos Aires, he is passionate about the Tango and passing his knowledge and experience to fellow tango dancers to help them discover those magical moments that make tango so addictive!

Federico started dancing at the age of 6, completing the British Ballet Organization tap syllabus. Now a dedicated full-time professional tango teacher, he has been dancing tango since 1996 and has been teaching tango for almost twenty years.

He regularly travels to Buenos Aires for months at a time, to study and train, ensuring his knowledge is as up to date as possible. He has spent over a year cumulatively studying tango in the Tango capital.

With a comprehensive knowledge of tango, Federico’s strengths as a teacher include being able to skillfully convey the most complex movements by breaking them down into manageable chunks/parts. He is also able to quickly assess dancers weaknesses and teach them ways to improve their dancing. His special focus is on musicality, and on movements that are both enjoyable and useable at a milonga. Beyond the dance, he also takes care to pass on the codes and etiquette of the milonga, including the use of cabaceo and mirada, floorcraft and respect for the line of dance, thereby enabling students to dance readily and safely participate in milongas all over the world.

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Federico was also the 2007 Australian Stage Tango Champion, the Producer of the 2009 Australian Tango Championship, one of the initial organisers for the Sydney Tango Festival (2011), helped organise festivals like Essence & Evolution (2014, 2015, 2016), and has performed in stage tango shows and for TV, with the highlights being Fabio Robles’s ‘One Night in Buenos Aires’ tango show and on the ‘Kerri-Anne Show’ on Channel 9, as well as choreographed Tangos for the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ TV show on three series.

He has performed at many community events and corporate functions, such as Australian Tango Congress (Melbourne, October 2005), Melbourne Cup celebrations (2017) and the Bacardi Latin Festivals at Darling Harbour (2004).



Having spent more than a year living and dancing at the Milongas in Buenos Aires, Federico has learnt from some of the worlds best tango DJs; seeing how they read the mood of the room and select the orchestra and the songs accordingly. Federico selects music from the Golden Age of tango music and orchestras to modulate the mood of the Milonga at each given moment, to ensure a wonderful evening for the dancers. “My preference is for the more rhythmic tangos, but in order to ensure a balanced playlist I choose some beautiful melodic tangos, always with the dancers best interests in mind. The highlight for me is at the end of the evening, when I know the dancers have enjoyed my music selection.”